14 years old


Australian Shepherd/Border Collie

Est. Birth Date

January 10, 2004


45 lbs

Adoption Date

March 16, 2004


~22 inches

With her stocky build, half tail, and broad face, its easy to see the Aussie in Blue. I adopted her from one of my younger brother who had gotten her from one of those idiot backyard breeders who'd bred two merles together to get pretty, sellable dogs while dumping the resulting "problems." Like Blue, who was born deaf. The woman gave her to my brother and his then-girlfriend as a "gift", without revealing her deafness. When they found out a week later, they didn't want her anymore and since I knew she'd just "get lost", I adopted her instead.

The name I gave her, that she likely doesn't know, refers of course to her blue merle coloring and her gorgeous blue eyes. During our first year together, we got to battle both demodectic and sarcoptic mange and a skin infection. As she matured into an adult, we finally got everything cleaned up. While she may be deaf, it certainly hasn't kept her from enjoying life or being an extremely friendly, happy dog.

With her loving nature, she will leave any warm, comfortble spot just to follow me around the house so she knows where I am, and often comes to lay at or on my feet. If you aren't careful, she will happily lick you to insanity. It's one of her weird ways of showing she's happy. Many people fear deaf dogs because they think they must be reactionary biters, but not Blue. As a puppy I regularly startled her and treated her, so that she came to view it as a good thing and never reacts in fear.

Blue is highly intelligent. She figured out how to signal to go out if she needs to hurl! She is also trained with basic commands using hand signals, most of which she learned within a day or two. She picks up on facial and body expressions very well and can read my moods better than many hearing animals. She loves to gnaw on her Kong and to wrestle with my sweetie. If you go running with her, she'll also make mild attempts at herding you ;-)

Some Blue Pics

Blue Blue With Her King Kong Blue in Kennel Muddy Blue Body Muddy Blue Face Muddy Blue Close Up Blue With Her Kong Shades of Blue Blue Sleeping Blue Lying in the Hall Blue and Her Baby Blue Head Shot Blue Sees You Binkie Eye See You Blue Cradling Her Kong Blue Playing Dead Blue Playing Dead Alternate Angel Cute Blue Sleeping Blue in Kennel Day In the Life 14 - Dogs to the Kennels Day In the Life 62 - Let's Play Day In the Life 66 - Let Us In Day In the Life 69 - Let's Play Some More! Day In the Life 77 - Blue Wants to Play Some More Blue Standing Blue Got a Bath Blue Staring Blue Flasher Blue in the Kitchen Blue and Fusion Blue Walking Blue and Little Bit Blue - Before Blue - After Blue Eating Ice Cream Blue Paw Blue on the Rug Blue Sleeping Happy Blue More Happy Blue Blue and Hershey Blue Close Up Blue and her shadow at Research Park Blue with Binkie Blue Blue Looking Crazy Peek a Blue I'm So Cute I SEE You!