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Publishers is something new for me to have in my library database, as such many of the records are missing their publisher details. Working on getting them filled in as fast as I can though! This notice will disappear when its all good.

Name Genres(s) # Titles
Activision Platformer and Sports 2
Atlus RPG 6
Capcom Action-Adventure, Platformer, and RPG 7
EA Sports Sports 1
Eidos Action-Adventure 2
Ignition Entertainment RPG 1
Konami Survival Horror 1
Midway RPG 2
Namco RPG 10
Nintendo Action-Adventure, Platformer, and Sports 8
Red Wagon Games Simulation 1
Sony Action-Adventure, RPG, and Survival Horror 6
Square Enix Action-Adventure and RPG 13
Squaresoft RPG and Survival Horror 5
Take-Two Interactive Strategy 1
Ubisoft Sports 1
Universal Interactive Platformer 1
Working Design RPG 2
XSeed Games Action-Adventure and RPG 4
Electronic Arts RPG 1