Rave Master, Volume 14

Hiro Mashima

Book 14 of the Rave Master series

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Someone is after Elie's Etherion! In order to save the merpeople, our heroes infiltrate the Syaoran Base...but they walk right into a cowardly trap. Elie is kidnapped right before their eyes--her Etherion is the key to finishing the "Mermaid Cannon," a weapon of unspeakable evil. Haru is not about to let them get away with that! From the Publisher A popular animated series directed by Takashi Watanabe (Slayers, Lost Universe) coming soon to Cartoon Network! Rave: Groove Adventure is a popular video game for PlayStation, Playstation 2 and Game Cube. Fun all ages boy adventure series with proven track record in Japan. 100% Authentic Manga Format. Story by HIRO MASHIMA. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.