Rave Master, Volume 33 34 35

Hiro Mashima

Book 33.00 of the Rave Master series

Rave Master, Volume 33 34 35 cover




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The planet is on the brink of destruction and Haru must finally face the evil Lucia once and for all. Haru’s only hope is to enter Endless and fight Lucia on his own turf, but even Haru can’t destroy Endless on his own. Only Elie’s Etherion is powerful enough to stop Endless and save the planet. Haru is perfectly willing to sacrifice his own life in order to conquer the forces of evil, but Elie refuses to unleash Etherion until Haru is out of harm’s way. The future of all humanity hangs in the balance and time is running out. Will Elie launch Etherion in time to save the human race? Find out in the final volume of Rave Master!

Kodansha took back their licenses from Tokyopop and began publishing their works under their own imprint. As part of this take over of series that were in progress, they released the final three volumes of Rave Master in a single omnibus edition.