Blood+ Volume 4: Nankurunaisa

Chizu (Illustrator) Hashii and Ryo Ikehata

Book 4.00 of the Blood+ Novels series

Blood+ Volume 4: Nankurunaisa cover


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Saya Otonashi thought she was a normal teenage girl. She hoped to live a normal teenage life, grow up, even fall in love.

Now, Saya knows the truth: she is not a human, but a Chiropteran queen, and her destiny - and that of her sister Diva - is to bring about the end of mankind and give birth to a new generation of vampiric monsters, harbingers of destruction already growing in Diva's womb. Only Saya and her blood - the only thing that can kill Diva - stand in the way of Diva's apocalyptic plans.

In a final battle that spans the world, will Saya find the strength to kill her sister, or will she succumb to her demonic half and oversee the apocalypse at Diva's side? Can Saya's protector, Hagi, make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world - even if it means destroying the woman he loves?

The four-book epic comes to a breathtaking conclusion, with scenes and secrets not revealed in the hit animated series, and featuring twenty-one pages of illustrations by series character designer Chizu Hashii.