Desire: Dangerous Feelings

Maki Kazumi and Yukine Honami

Desire: Dangerous Feelings cover


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"I wonder why, when I look at you, I get turned on."

Those words - uttered so suddenly, so unexpectedly - turn Toru's world upside-down. He can't believe that his best friend and secret love Ryoji has just said those words to him. His disbelief turns to shock when Ryoji later proposes to have sex with him, just to ease his curiosity. Toru agrees, just to find out if his feelings will cool off afterwards. But what if they don't? What if Ryoji insists on having just a physical relationship? What will Toru do then?

Toru soon realizes that being the center of Ryoji's affections isn't without its own drawbacks. As Toru struggles to cope with antagonizing rivals, he finds himself seeking the guidance of the class president, Keigo. Ryoji, on the other hand, finds himself unable to understand his own conflicting feelings. Can the two ever come to terms with how they really feel about each other?

This light-hearted story, a novelized version of the popular manga, chronicles the relationship between two high school boys as they go from friends to something more.