Only The Ring Finger Knows, Volume 05: The Finger Never Sleeps

Hotaru Odagiri and Satoru Kannagi

Book 5.00 of the Only the Ring Finger Knows series

Only The Ring Finger Knows, Volume 05: The Finger Never Sleeps cover


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Wataru Fujii and Yuichi Kazuki have been through many trials and tribulations, but when Yuichi goes to New York to visit Mizuho, an old girlfriend who is facing major surgery, Wataru begins to have doubts about the wisdom of letting him go. His worst fears seem to be realized when with only a limited explanation, Yuichi sends his ring back to Wataru! What can the return of Yuichi’s precious ring – the symbol of his relationship with Wataru – possibly mean? In Tokyo, while Wataru worries and fumes, Yuichi’s older brother Shohei Kazuki continues scheming to end Wataru and Yuichi’s relationship. His reluctant ally in this endeavor is Masanobu Asaka – Yuichi’s senpai who confessed to Wataru! Will Shohei succeed in breaking up the two boys? Or will Wataru and Yuichi’s love for each other prevail? Don’t miss Only the Ring Finger Knows, Volume 5, the beautiful conclusion to the Only the Ring Finger Knows saga from writer Satoru Kannagi and illustrator Hotaru Odagiri. Includes the side stories A Spring Break Secret and The Week Until the Ring Finger, which tells the beginning of Wataru and Yuichi’s relationship from Yuichi’s point of view.