Anime News Nina! The Complete Collection

Robin Sevakis

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Anime News Nina!, the hugely popular web comic series than ran for over six years on, is finally available in a deluxe hardcover collection! Join Nina, a naïve "news elf" whose life's mission is to learn absolutely everything about anime and manga. Helping Nina on her quest is Kevin, a curmudgeonly hardcore fan, and Paola, a quirky cosplay enthusiast. Together they journey through the realm of fandom. From ludicrous convention antics and crazed fangirls, to popular tropes and stereotypes, no topic in the world of anime nerd culture is left unparodied!

This Complete Collection includes the entire run of the comic series, as well as a bevy of exclusive and never-before-seen bonus material, including production notes, illustration galleries, and brand new bonus comics created just for this collection.

(Kickstarter Edition)