Loveless (2-in-1), Volume 01

Yun Kouga

Book 1.00 of the Loveless series

Loveless (2-in-1), Volume 01 cover


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Ritsuka Aoyagi is alone in the world—never fitting in at school and alienated from his own past by a fragmented memory. When his beloved older brother is brutally murdered, Ritsuka is heartbroken but determined to find answers. His only lead is Soubi, a mysterious, handsome college student who offers him an intimate link to his brother’s other life: a dark and vibrant world of spell battles and secret names.

Soubi leads Ritsuka through a maze of new experiences, from battles wrought in wordplay to making friends at school. But is he any less alone with the secretive Soubi than by himself?

Collects volumes 1-2 in an omnibus edition.