Ciao Ciao Bambino

Momoko Tenzen

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Sweet and intelligent Kaname is pretty nervous about his new job as a part-time tutor at the local cram school. But even his first-day jitters can't comapre with the crazy butterflies he feels when he lays eyes on the remarkable (and confidant) middle-schooler Yuuta! In fact, Yuuta is as delicate and mesmerizing as a young girl.. but he's actually a guy. Will Kaname stick to his lesson plan and teach his special student by the book? Or will watching the boy slowly mature into a gorgeous man tempt Kaname to privately instruct Yuuta in the ways of seduction?

Ciao Ciao Bambino proves that saying goodbye to childhood can be a truly scary (and wild) ride! Teachers and schoolboys cross paths every day in their crowded school hallways, but a few destined lovers do their homework and find a way to forge deep bonds that take them far beyond the classroom walls. Every frustrated romantic knows that earning extra-credit may lead to broken friendships and an aching heart. But when it comes to growing up and getting what you want, only the most dedicated student can hope to ace every test and graduate with top honors... and the perfect man!