Wild Butterfly

Hiroki Kusumoto

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Betray a friend or betray your country?

The country is at war and Oliver, who suffers from a limp in his leg, can’t join the army. So he does the next best thing. He signs up as a teaching assistant to help mold young minds into patriotic citizens. But the new school instructor Michael Von Straum Liedelhart – instead of indoctrinating the children, encourages them to laugh and enjoy the simple things in life like butterflies and flowers.

Oliver believes that it is his duty to inform the authorities about Michael’s unorthodox and anti-nationalistic teaching methods, but at the same time, he feels conflicted. Like the children, Oliver himself is increasingly drawn towards the warm and charismatic Michael. Which will he abandon? Michael or his duty to his country?

From the bizarre, a teenage boy goes back in time and comes face to face with the demon Emperor Akihito, to the supernatural, vampires and zombies walking the Earth, Wild Butterfly collects Hiroki Kusumoto’s early works, including previously unpublished material.