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Kenneth Charles Davis

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Who really "discovered" America? Why was Kansas "bloody"? What was so "great" about the Great Depression? From Kenneth C. Davis, author of Don't Know Much About(r) Geography, Don't Know Much About(r) the Civil War and Don't Know Much About(r) the Bible, comes a lively presentation of the phenomenal bestseller that has brought American history to life for thousands of readers. From the first settlements of the continent through Vietnam, Watergate and Reagan, Davis takes listeners on a rollicking ride through 600 years of Americana. With wit, candor and fascinating facts, Don't Know Much About(r) History explodes long-held myths and misconceptions-revealing the very human side of history that the textbooks neglect. In this entertaining presentation, you'll meet the personalities who helped shape our nation and hear the words and wisdom that have endured through the centuries. From the French and Indian War to Vietnam, from George Washington to George Bush, here is the story of how we got to where we are today-and the questions that have plagued most of us since grade school are more interesting than ever before. Washington Post Book World If you've always wondered exactly what Boss Tweed bossed andwhat Tammany Hall was, Davis is your man. Atlanta Journal and Constitution Quirky, sardonic, accurate, rudimentary and often amusing...a breezy question-and-answer approach that is far removed from themassive textbooks all of us once lugged around. Dallas News Unquestionably a handy reference book. It's just the thing when your peskyschool-age kids try to show you up at homework time. Patrida Holt Refreshing and vastly informative ... fun, engrossing and significant...History in Davis's hands is loud, coarse, painful, funny, irreverent-and memorable. -San Francisco Chronicle Publisher's Weekly This reference, intended to supplement Americans' insufficient knowledge of their country's history, lists essential people, places and dates from the New World's discovery to the Iran-Contra affair, and compares past events to those of the present. (June)