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Gina Spadafori

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Have you considered buying or adopting a dog but aren't sure where to begin? Are you intimidated and confused by the hundreds of dog breeds from which to choose? Do you know how to properly bathe, groom, feed, and care for your new puppy or dog once you've gotten it home? Dogs For Dummies™ is your handy guide to selecting, buying, and caring for the puppy or dog that's right for you! This fun reference covers all the dos and don'ts as well as the rights and responsibilities of dog ownership, providing you with plenty of tips on everything from how to train your dog to what kind of toys, food, and treats to buy!

Inside, you'll discover how to:

Choose the right dog to fit your lifestyle Purchase a puppy or dog from a reputable breeder Adopt a dog or puppy from a shelter or rescue group Buy all the doggie equipment and accessories you need, including toys, bones, bowls, collars, and leashes Raise and maintain a healthy and happy dog through proper diet and exercise Choose a veterinarian who's right for you and your dog Solve your dog's simple behavior problems or determine whether obedience school is needed Make traveling with your dog a breeze Dog owners of the world, rejoice! Whether you are a dog owner wannabe or a seasoned veteran, there is something useful, interesting, or entertaining for you in this handy reference of practical canine information. For those purchasing a dog, the first chapters present the important factors to consider. Readers with Internet access will appreciate the references to helpful listservs, newsgroups, and web sites. For those who already have a dog, valuable chapters cover the necessary equipment and supplies, early puppy training, veterinary care, house training, grooming, and more advanced basic training. The author, a syndicated pet-care columnist and host of "Gina Spadafori's Pet Connection" on America Online, offers sound advice on breeding, caring for aged animals, and traveling with Fido and provides a thumbnail sketch of various competitions. The "Dummies" icons make particularly useful information easy to locate. Highly recommended; public libraries will want to have more than one copy-it's sure to be popular.-Edell Marie Schaefer, Brookfield P.L., Wis. Internet Book Watch Now in a revised and expanded second edition, Gina Spadafori's Dogs For Dummies continues to be the most reader friendly and comprehensive introduction to dogs and dog ownership available for the non-specialist general reader. Dogs For Dummies shows how to choose the right puppy or dog for you; how to keep a dog groomed, fit, and healthy; what to feed a dog; how to solve common behavioral problems, and how to have a world of fun with your dog every day. Whether a mongrel pet or a showplace purebred, Dogs For Dummies is a superbly presented, highly recommended, "user friendly" guide with invaluable tips for traveling with a dog, canine gear, and even the hottest new dog sports.