The Green Mile #4: The Bad Death of Edward Delacroix

Stephen King

Part of the The Green Mile series

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Best-selling author and family therapist Tina Tessina is an expert on decision-making, and her seminars, workshops, and lectures have women all across the country responding with tremendous enthusiasm to her concise, practical, and easy-to-use advice and techniques. Even the most accomplished women waver at times. "In workshops and therapy sessions, I encounter people hungry for guidelines. Even people who are already established and successful seek a clear explanation of which decisions are smartest for their particular situation. It is my job to know what will help women who are having to weigh issues and options." Learn to make decisions like a CEO! "Women who make tough and smart decisions are often criticized for it, while men making similar decisions are praised and lionized. The result is that many women are reluctant to be decisive, and that attitude has given them little chance to learn how to make decisions effectively." Intuitive hunches are not sufficient for organizing a satisfying life. "This is a nuts-and-bolts book about how to decide. While spiritual or metaphysical explorations can be rewarding, those kinds of things are not very helpful with the concrete decision-making skills and practical thinking life can require."

Tina Tessina 's top ten:
1. Make your life your own
2. Reinvent your life roles
3. Revitalize your career
4. Enhance your friendships
5. Stay healthy
6. Secure your financial future
7. Fulfill your life 's dreams
8. Have more fun
9. Create joy and meaning in your life
10. Give something back
"Each chapter fully explains one of these decisions, delineates whyit is important, and offers personal stories, examples, resources, guidelines, and exercises that show the reader how each decision can be used in real-life situations."