Lassie Come-Home

Eric M. Knight

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Twelve-year-old Joe Carraclough is heartbroken. Lassie, the family's beloved collie, must be sold to the Duke of Rudling, a bad-tempered, wealthy old man. The Carracloughs are struggling through hard times and can't afford to keep Lassie, who is without a doubt the finest collie in Yorkshire. The Duke sends Lassie to his estate in Scotland, four-hundred miles to the north, but Lassie will not be kept away from the family she loves. By instinct she starts the long journey south to find the home where she belongs. Filled with danger and adventure, this is the story of the love and loyalty shared by a boy and his dog. First published in 1940, the legendary Lassie Come-Home is sure to warm the hearts of yet another generation of readers. Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot Lassie, like Bambi, is an animal most of us grew to know and love when we were very young. Lassie was the most real, since she was a beautiful collie, a pet that one could aspire to have. Hard times hit Lassie's master, and she is sold to a local Duke. Lassie knew that Joe was her true friend evidenced by her escapes from the Duke and her incredible journey of one thousand miles over the course of a year to be reunited with Joe. The text in this new edition flows smoothly, and the suspense builds. It is perfect for reading aloud or for young readers to tackle on their own. The muted pencil and watercolor illustrations reflect the somber English and Scottish countryside, and we see the beautiful golden collie transformed into a bony skeleton during her arduous trek, and then back to her robust frolicking self when she finally reaches home.