Kavik, the Wolf Dog

Walter Morey

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A wolf-dog instinctively travels 2000 miles from Washington to Alaska to return to the boy who once saved his life. Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot A Lassie story set in the Pacific Northwest instead of Scotland, KSvik the sled dog is part wolf and part malamute. His owner recognizes his great strength and courage and uses him to win a major sled race. After his success, KSvik is sold to a rich man who wants to fly his winning dog to Seattle. The plane crashes and the dog is rescued and cared for by a young boy named Andy. He is returned to his rightful owner, but KSvik is not happy. The rest of the story deals with KSvik's struggle to escape from Seattle and return to the boy he loves. Told from KSvik's perspective, it is an exciting narrative of courage, perseverance, and love. 1997 (orig.