Child of the Wolves

Elizabeth Hall

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A Siberian husky puppy escapes from his kennel and finds himself alone in the harsh and challenging world of the Alaskan forest. A great white wolf, grieving for her own lost pups, takes charge of the puppy. Now he must earn his place in the tribe of wolves, confronting their hostility as well as the natural perils of the forest. School Gr 3-6In this fast-paced, satisfying animal adventure, a young Siberian husky becomes an accepted member of an Alaskan wolf pack. Granite is the oldest of a litter bred to be sled dogs, but he does not take naturally to the harness and training. At the first opportunity, he escapes into the wilderness where, near starvation, he encounters a wolf pack. He is adopted by the mate of the leader, a white wolf whose own pups have recently been kidnapped for the wolf/dog hybrid market. The majesty and harshness of the Alaskan environment, the sophisticated levels of pack communication and behavior, and the many perils, both human and natural, that threaten the survival of the animals are deftly woven into the story. Granite's struggle to find his place in the pack is particularly captivating. While generally plausible, the writing is occasionally jarring when human emotions are attributed to the animals; however, the author defends her position in a note indicating that the latest research on wolves maintains that they "feel emotions once regarded as strictly human." A good choice for leading readers into Jean Craighead George's Julie of the Wolves (HarperCollins, 1972).Caroline Ward, Nassau Library System, Uniondale, NY BookList - Susan Dove Lempke Librarians have traditionally frowned on anthropomorphizing animals in books, but in her opening note, Hall suggests that it is just as foolish to write about dogs as though they did not have intelligent communication, emotions, and problem-solving skills. That said, she offers a story written from the point of view of a Siberian husky pup, Granite, who must learn the ways of wolves to survive after being separated from his own family. Keen observation of canine behavior and thorough research into wolf society help make this a heartfelt wildlife story, with plenty of dramatic events to keep the pages turning.