Wolf of Shadows

Whitley Strieber

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School Gr 6 UpWolf of Shadows is an intensely moving story of the aftermath of a nuclear attack told from the point of view of a large wolf living in a forest near Minneapolis. Human behavior, emotions and anatomy are all described in terms of the wolf's comprehension, as he comes to care for, and eventually accept as members of his pack, a woman and her daughter who have survived the attack. Strieber masterfully captures how the wolf interprets the actions of humans and compares them to the feelings and actions of wolves. Each of the four sections of the book begins with an American Indian quote that sets the mood. This is a brutal novel, but an important one. The interaction of humans with each other as they resort to savagery rather than helping each other, as do the wolves, comes across as a most appalling aspect of human nature. The portrayal of the wolves and the consistency of the point of view are excellent. A somber and disturbing book that forces readers to examine the possible consequences of nuclear arms and one that presents a powerful anti-war message. Mavis D. Arizzi, Jay School Corporation, Portland, Ind.