Angel Face

Suzanne Forster

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She looks like she's from heaven. But she's leading him straight to hell. They call her Angel Face. She is as beautiful as her killings are brutal. Her victims are doctors. Her list of targets is long. And Jordan Carpenter is next. The CIA has asked him to help capture her. Ensnare her. Beat her at her own game. It's a risky proposition, but he has no choice. Jordan, so used to saving others' lives, now has to save his own. How could such a lovely woman possess such a diabolical mind' In pictures, she seems innocent and sweetly sensual. But in person, he's been told, she's seductive. Evil. Obsessed. Her face haunts him. Thoughts of her consume him. And the moment they touch, he knows he will never be free of her. This angel. This innocent. This killer.