Sensual Phrase (Kaiken Phrase), Volume 02

Mayu Shinjo

Book 2.00 of the Sensual Phrase series

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Working side-by-side on the set of Lucifer's brand new music video, singer Sakuya and lyricist Aine discover they can no longer deny their sexual attraction to one another. But before sparks turn to flames between the two songbirds, the president of Lucifer's record company decides he wants a piece of pretty Aine for himself. If she doesn't succumb to his desires, he's vowed to sabotage Lucifer's hit-making future! Aine is forced to make a difficult decision. Does she rebuff her new suitor or does she sacrifice herself for the love of Sakuya? Things get even more twisted when she discovers the president of Metro Records is, in fact, the half-brother of the man she loves!