Chrono Crusade, Volume 02

Daisuke Moriyama

Book 2.00 of the Chrono Crusade series

Chrono Crusade, Volume 02 cover



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How Sister Rosette and Chrno became a team! This volume begins with a flashback to the childhood of Sister Rosette and how she and her brother Joshua met the demon Chrno. Joshua, blessed with the gift of healing, joins the Magdalan order. A demon named Aion tempts Chrno with the gift of a horn which will give him back his demonic power. Chrno refuses, and the horn is given to Joshua-who begins to grow more and more demonic! This prompts Rosette to make her contact with Chrno so that Chrno will have enough power to fight Aion and possibly save Joshua. Back in the present, a demon possesses the angel Azmaria. Getting rid of the possession forces her to summon so much power that her wings come back.