Chrono Crusade, Volume 03

Daisuke Moriyama

Book 3.00 of the Chrono Crusade series

Chrono Crusade, Volume 03 cover



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Sister Rosette and company are about to embark on a mission to find Rosette's long-lost brother, who was last seen sporting the horns of a demon. But their journey might end before they leave the bright lights of the city. A powerful witch who threatens the gun-toting Sister is on a search of her own, and she is thirsty for revenge. A good ol' exorcism won't stop the wicked woman, nor will it rid this evil-crushing team of the sneaky spider-woman called the Puppet Master. The Magdalan Order's finest put their demon-slaying talents aside, only to be confronted head-on with the chilling face of devilry!