Chrono Crusade, Volume 01

Daisuke Moriyama

Book 1.00 of the Chrono Crusade series

Chrono Crusade, Volume 01 cover



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America in the roaring 20s, a place and time of gaiety and peace, has recovered gracefully from the Great War. Lurking in the shadows, though, is a dark being, ready to pounce upon that newly-gained harmony. Sister Rosette Christopher is an exorcist working as part of the Magdalan Order, and this gun-toting nun is on a mission to annihilate the demonic threat that plagues her world. Along with her companion Chrono, her rampage might lead to the destruction of more than demons! When the two come across Azmaria - a young girl with a voice so beautiful, it is capable of opening the gates of Heaven - Sister Rosette and Chrono know they must save her from her cruel stepfatherÆs wicked plan.