Land of the Blindfolded, Volume 02

Tsukuba Sakura

Book 2.00 of the Land of the Blindfolded series

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When Kanade touches someone, she can see that person's future. When Arou touches someone, he can see his or her past. Though the chemistry is right between these two young seers, it is impossible for them to forecast what will become of their relationship...especially when Namiki, another high school student with intermittent futuregazing powers, enters their lives and develops a crush on Kanade. Will this arrogant, cynical third wheel drive a wedge between Kanade and her couldbe beau? In this second volume, while Arou and Namiki are busy being rivals, Kanade finds herself trapped and alone in the dark in a possibly haunted classroom. Will Kanade finally get an answer to her oftasked question: In the "Land of the Blindfolded", can a person who can "see" be accepted by those who cannot?Bonus story included about a woman who makes a deal with a devil, only to discover that the devil you know is better than the one you don't. Also, author Tsukuba Sakura provides a running commentary on the genesis of each of her stories!