Land of the Blindfolded, Volume 03

Tsukuba Sakura

Book 3.00 of the Land of the Blindfolded series

Land of the Blindfolded, Volume 03 cover




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As luck would have it, Kanade has found two kindred spirits in her fellow school mates: Namiki, a cynical senior who's got a better grip on his futureviewing power; and Arou, Kanade's boyfriend, who has the opposite power of being able to see past events.

Burned by childhood experiences of being hated and feared because of their seerlike abilities, the trio has an unspoken pact to keep their secret from the rest of the world. However, Kanade, the most proactive of the bunch, has gotten slightly overconfident about using her power to aid people covertly. Through a careless mistake, she reveals her hidden "ace" to the high school doctor, who has a hidden agenda of his own…