Our Everlasting, Volume 01

Toko Kawai

Book 1.00 of the Our Everlasting series

Our Everlasting, Volume 01 cover


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For beach bum Horyu, it's more than the surf that's up. He has just confessed his undying love to timid and quiet Shouin, and though Shouin feels the same, he is reluctant to return Horyu's affections. Unknown to Horyu, Shouin already has his heart broken and is - as the saying goes - once bitten twice shy. It looks like Horyu will wipe out on this one, unless he can convince Shouin that he won't ever go through the same heartache twice. Meanwhile, in the second half of the book, Osaka-born Takehiko is tirelessly pursuing reserved art teacher Momose. But Momose has a terrible secret... he has a very weak heart and setting their relationship to a more physical level could mean the death of him. In this case, could not showing your love be the ultimate expression of it?