Sensual Phrase (Kaiken Phrase), Volume 12

Mayu Shinjo

Book 12.00 of the Sensual Phrase series

Sensual Phrase (Kaiken Phrase), Volume 12 cover



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There's nothing more heartwarming than the familial love between a brother and sister. But watch out when that simple sibling affection starts getting complicated by S-E-X! That's exactly what's going on between Lucifer's guitarist and his older sister. Atsuro and Yuuka have kept their affair on the down low, but that all changes when Aine witnesses the two lovemonkeys in a clutch backstage. As a budding poet and lyricist, Aine is on her way to an audition one fateful afternoon. Absentmindedly stepping into the street, she barely avoids getting struck by an oncoming vehicle. Not only is the cute teenager lucky to be alive, but her brush with death turns out to be a date with destiny. The driver of the car just happens to be Sakuya, the charismatic and fabulously handsome lead singer for a band called Lucifer. In short order, Sakuya and his crew compose a song using AineÅfs lyrics. The tune proves popular with the bandÅfs fans and Sakuya decides he wants a relationship, both professional and personal, with Aine. ThereÅfs only one small requirement: The lyrics Aine writes must be erotically charged. And guess what? Sakuya fully intends to introduce the young and inexperienced girl into the world of sensual delights. Does Sakuya actually care for Aine, or is she just another sexual conquest for him? Will Aine fulfill her dreams and become a professional lyricist, or has she simply sold her soul to Lucifer?