Sensual Phrase (Kaiken Phrase), Volume 18

Mayu Shinjo

Book 18 of the Sensual Phrase series

Sensual Phrase (Kaiken Phrase), Volume 18 cover



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Lucifer returns triumphant to Japan after a chart-topping trip to America, but now Sakuya has to face what might be the toughest audience of his life: Aine's family. Rocking out onstage to a capacity crowd is one thing; convincing the buttoned-down parents of your bride-to-be that your intentions are true is another.
For Sakuya, Aine, and the rest of Lucifer, the music biz has been one life-or-death struggle after another, but how will they close this tale of sex, music, and all things shojo? And what could they possibly do for an encore?