Ceres, Celestial Legend, Volume 08: Miori

YĆ» Watase

Book 8.00 of the Ceres, Celestial Legend series

Ceres, Celestial Legend, Volume 08: Miori cover



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No more deception, no more lies - now that Aya and Toya have finally let down all their barriers and come together, that is. But will something else - something outside their love - tear them apart?
Miori Sahara seems a nice enough girl - goes to Aya's school, has a lot in common with Aya... looks a lot like Aya, actually. She says she's searching for her missing boyfriend, who's been gone a year now. After an accident robs Toya of his memories, will Aya turn to Yuhi once Toya goes back to his "real" girlfriend, Miori?
A love like that of Aya and Toya is supposed to be forever... is everything that's happened between the two of them this past year been a lie after all?!