153 Books Acquired in 2004

Title Author(s)PublisherGenres(s)SeriesAcquired
The International Encyclopedia of Dogs Anne Rogers ClarkHowell Book HouseMiscellaneous2004-05-22
Great American Cookbook From Your Favorite Brand Name Companies (Collector's Edition) Publications InternationalPublications IntlCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
Favorite Brand Name Bake Sale Cookbook Publications InternationalPublications International LtdCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
Who's Who Among American High School Students, 1994-95, Volume 08 Incorporated Educational CommunicationsMiscellaneous2004-05-22
United States Achievement Academy 1994-1995 National Awards, Volume 108 United States Achievement AcademyMiscellaneous2004-05-22
Key of Knowledge Nora RobertsJoveRomance and Romantic SuspenseKey Series2004-05-22
Key of Valor Nora RobertsJoveRomance and Romantic SuspenseKey Series2004-05-22
Best of the Best from North Carolina Gwen McKeeQuail Ridge PressCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
The Bread Machine Cookbook II, Volume 02 Donna Rathmell GermanBristol Publishing EnterprisesCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
Fast Cakes KonemanKonemannCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
Stir-Fry and Pan-Fry Anne WilsonKonemannCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
Cheesecakes, Pavlovas and Trifles KonemanKonemannCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
Bread and Rolls KonemanKonemannCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
More from Your Wok Better Homes & GardensBetter Homes & Gardens BooksCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
Kraft Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese Cheesecakes Publications InternationalPublications IntlCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
Holiday Cookies, Cakes, Candies & Pies Country Accents CookingCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
Classic Pillsbury Cookbook: Cookies Brownies & Bars PillsburyCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
Gold Medal Bread Machine Recipes Gold MedalCooking and Cookbooks2004-05-22
Demonic Males: Dale PetersonMariner BooksSociology, Pyschology, Criminology2004-05-22
Creation of Dangerous Violent Criminals Lonnie H. AthensUniversity of Illinois PressSociology, Pyschology, Criminology2004-05-22
Why They Kill: Richard RhodesVintageSociology, Pyschology, Criminology2004-05-22
1001 Things Everyone Should Know about American History John Arthur GarratyDoubledayHistory - American2004-05-29
Everyday American History of the 20th Century Richard RubinDoubledayHistory - American2004-05-29
Lies My Teacher Told Me: James W. LoewenThe New PressHistory - American2004-05-29
Don't Know Much about the Civil War: Kenneth Charles DavisWilliam MorrowHistory - American2004-05-29
Crime and Punishment in American History Lawrence M. FriedmanBasic BooksHistory - American2004-05-29
Ancient Mysteries Peter JamesBallantine BooksHistory - General2004-05-29
Lost Discoveries: Dick TeresiSimon & SchusterHistory - General2004-05-29
Roger Caras' Treasury of Great Dog Stories Roger A. CarasBBS Publishing CorporationAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-05-29
When Elephants Weep: Jeffrey Moussaieff MassonDelacorte PressAnimals, Non-Fiction2004-05-29
John Hedgecoe's Complete Guide To Photography John HedgecoeSterlingMiscellaneous2004-05-29
Don't Know Much about History: Kenneth Charles DavisAvonHistory - American2004-05-29
Everyday American History: Though the Civil War and Reconstruction Irwin UngerBallantine BooksHistory - American2004-05-29
Civil War Curiosities Webb B. GarrisonThomas NelsonHistory - American2004-05-29
Underground Education Richard ZacksBantam BooksHistory - General2004-05-29
Dogs for Dummies Gina SpadaforiFor DummiesAnimals, Non-Fiction2004-05-29
War Dogs: Michael G. LemishPotomac BooksAnimals, Non-Fiction2004-05-29
The Green Mile #1: The Two Dead Girls Stephen KingSignetSci-Fi/FantasyThe Green Mile2004-06-12
The Green Mile #2: The Mouse on the Mile Stephen KingSignetSci-Fi/FantasyThe Green Mile2004-06-12
The Green Mile #3: Coffey's Hands Stephen KingSignetSci-Fi/FantasyThe Green Mile2004-06-12
The Green Mile #4: The Bad Death of Edward Delacroix Stephen KingSignetSci-Fi/FantasyThe Green Mile2004-06-12
Japanese Cultural Encounters Hiroko C. KataokaMcGraw-Hill EducationJapan Related Non-Fiction2004-06-12
The Green Mile #5: Night Journey Stephen KingSignetSci-Fi/FantasyThe Green Mile2004-06-20
The Green Mile #6: Coffey on the Mile Stephen KingSignetSci-Fi/FantasyThe Green Mile2004-06-20
X-Day, Volume 02 Setona MizushiroTokyoPopMangaX-Day2004-07-02
X-Day, Volume 01 Setona MizushiroTokyoPopMangaX-Day2004-07-02
The Whispered Horse Lynn HallFollett Publishing CompanyTeen - Young Adult Fiction2004-07-15
Flowers of Anger Lynn HallFollett Publishing CompanyTeen - Young Adult Fiction2004-07-15
The Mystery of Pony Hollow Lynn HallGarrard Pub CoTeen - Young Adult Fiction2004-07-15
The Fire Dragon: A Story of The Great Chicago Fire Fredrika Shumway SmithTeen - Young Adult Fiction2004-07-15
Until Whatever Martha M. HumphreysClarion BooksTeen - Young Adult Fiction2004-07-15
Coyote Girl Judith Logan LehneSimon & SchusterTeen - Young Adult Fiction2004-07-15
Talking in Animal Terry FarishGreenwillow BooksTeen - Young Adult Fiction2004-07-15
To Catch a Tartar Lynn HallFollett Publishing CompanyTeen - Young Adult Fiction2004-07-15
War Dog Heroes: True Stories of Dog Courage in Wartime Jeanette SandersonAppleAnimals, Non-Fiction2004-07-15
Mary Jane Dorothy SterlingScholastic PaperbacksTeen - Young Adult Fiction2004-07-15
Lassie: Adventure in Alaska George S ElrickAnimals: Lassie2004-07-16
Lassie: the Secret of the Smelter's Cave Steve FrazeeAnimals: Lassie2004-07-16
Lassie: the Wild Mountain Trail I.G EdmondsAnimals: Lassie2004-07-16
Lassie: the Mystery of Bristlecone Pine Steve FrazeeTARGET BKS.Animals: Lassie2004-07-16
Lassie and the Mystery of Blackberry Bog Dorothea J SnowAnimals: Lassie2004-07-16
Lassie: Forbidden Valley Doris SchroederAnimals: Lassie2004-07-16
Lassie and the Secret of the Summer Dorothea J SnowAnimals: Lassie2004-07-16
Tales from Watership Down Richard AdamsAlfred A. KnopfAnimals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
Velveteen Rabbit Marjorie WilliamsSimon & SchusterAnimals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Rudyard KiplingIdeals Childrens BooksAnimals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
Bambi's Children: The Story of a Forest Family Felix SaltenAnimals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
All the Mowgli Stories Rudyard KiplingAnimals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
Wolf Albert Payson TerhuneAnimals: Terhunes2004-07-16
Treve Albert Payson TerhuneAnimals: Terhunes2004-07-16
Lad of Sunnybank Albert Payson TerhuneAnimals: Terhunes2004-07-16
Further Adventures of Lad Albert Payson TerhuneAnimals: Terhunes2004-07-16
The Faith of a Collie Albert Payson TerhuneAnimals: Terhunes2004-07-16
Buff: a Collie and Other Dog Stories Albert Payson TerhuneAnimals: Terhunes2004-07-16
Great Dog Stories Albert Payson TerhuneGramercyAnimals: Terhunes2004-07-16
Annie's Monster Barbara CorcoranAtheneumAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Child of the Wolves Elizabeth HallHoughton Mifflin HarcourtAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Wolf of Shadows Whitley StrieberRandom HouseAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
All Dogs Go To Heaven Beth BrownAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
The Call of the Wild Jack LondonAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
The Fox and the Hound Daniel P MannixAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Silver Chief, Dog of the North Jack O'BrienAnimals, Fiction: CaninesSilver Chief2004-07-16
Big Red Jim KjelgaardAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Lassie Sheila BlackPuffin High Flyer Troll AssociatesAnimals: Lassie2004-07-16
Lassie Come-Home Eric M. KnightLaurel LeafAnimals: Lassie2004-07-16
Magic of Lassie Robert WeverkaBantam BooksAnimals: Lassie2004-07-16
Phantom Animals Daniel CohenAladdinAnimals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
The Cricket in Times Square George SeldenYearlingAnimals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
Charlotte's Web E. B. WhiteScholastic Inc.Animals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
The Jungle Books Rudyard KiplingSignetAnimals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
Watership Down Richard AdamsAvonAnimals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
A Seal's World Frank Stanley StuartAnimals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
The Secret of Nimh Robert C. O'BrienScholastic PaperbacksAnimals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
Bambi Felix SaltenAladdinAnimals, Fiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-16
Lad: A Dog Albert Payson TerhunePuffin BooksAnimals: Terhunes2004-07-16
Irish Red Jim KjelgaardYearlingAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Outlaw Red Jim KjelgaardYearlingAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Snow Dog Jim KjelgaardYearlingAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Wild Trek Jim KjelgaardBantam BooksAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Haunt Fox Jim KjelgaardSkylarkAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Incredible Journey Sheila BurnfordSkylarkAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Baree: The Story of a Wolf-Dog James Oliver CurwoodWilliam MorrowAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Trouble with Tuck Theodore TaylorYearlingAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Where the Red Fern Grows Wilson RawlsBantam BooksAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Scruffy Jack StonelyPocket BooksAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
White Fang Jack LondonDover PublicationsAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Plague Dogs Richard AdamsFawcettAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Tuck Triumphant Theodore TaylorHarperCollinsAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Dog Called Lucky Tide William R. KoehlerScholastic PaperbacksAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Kavik, the Wolf Dog Walter MoreyScholastic PaperbacksAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Bel Ria Sheila BurnfordBantam BooksAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Benji Allison ThomasPyramidAnimals, Fiction: Canines2004-07-16
Junior Classics, The: 22 - Old-Fashioned Tales William (ed.) PattenClassics2004-07-17
Black Beauty Anna SewellGrosset & DunlapAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
One Unicorn Gale CooperDutton JuvenileAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
A Horse Came Running Meindert DeJongLutterworth PressAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
Phantom, Son of the Gray Ghost C.W AndersonAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
Black Beauty Anna SewellGrosset & DunlapAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
Black Beauty Anna SewellAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
Midnight Rutherford MontgomeryAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
Golden Stallion's Revenge, The Rutherford MontgomeryAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
Thunderhead Mary O'HaraJ. B. Lippincott CompanyAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
Little Women Louisa May AlcottChildrens ClassicsClassics2004-07-17
Giving Tree Shel SilversteinHarper & RowClassics2004-07-17
Rainbow Brite and the Brook Meadow Deer Sarah LeslieWestern Publishing CompanyFiction: Miscellaneous2004-07-17
Way It Is John HollandHoughton Mifflin HarcourtSociology, Pyschology, Criminology2004-07-17
Disaster Illustrated: 100 Years of American Misfortune Woody GelmanRandom HouseHistory - American2004-07-17
Puppet Treasure Book of Fairy Tales Tadasu IzawaGrosset & DunlapFiction: Collections2004-07-17
Doubleday Illustrated Children's Bible Sandol StoddardDoubledayFiction: Collections2004-07-17
Walt Disney's Treasury of Childrens' Classics Darlene GeisDisney PressFiction: Collections2004-07-17
Treat Shop Eleanor M. (ed) JohnsonFiction: Collections2004-07-17
Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales Jacob GrimmFiction: Collections2004-07-17
Beauty Bill WallaceAladdinAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
Horse Called Starfire Betty D. BoegeholdBank StreetAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
Last Unicorn Peter S. BeagleDel ReyAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
Black Stallion's Blood Bay Colt Walter FarleyRandom HouseAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
Shimmeree Stephen CosgrovePrice Stern SloanAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
Hamish Joanna CannanCavalier PaperbacksAnimals, Fiction: Horses2004-07-17
The Wizard of Oz: Oz Series #1 L. Frank BaumGrosset & DunlapClassics2004-07-17
Heidi Johanna SpyriClassics2004-07-17
Scenic Photography 101: A Crash Course in Shooting Better Pictures Outdoors Kerry DragerAmphoto BooksMiscellaneous2004-07-22
Kare First Love, Volume 01 Kaho MiyasakaVIZ MediaMangaKare First Love2004-11-02
Mimosa Grove Dinah McCallMiraRomance and Romantic Suspense2004-11-02
Sensual Phrase (Kaiken Phrase), Volume 01 Mayu ShinjoVIZ MediaMangaSensual Phrase2004-12-04
Imadoki, Volume 01 YĆ» WataseVIZ MediaMangaImadoki2004-12-04
Sensual Phrase (Kaiken Phrase), Volume 02 Mayu ShinjoVIZ MediaMangaSensual Phrase2004-12-07
Chrono Crusade, Volume 02 Daisuke MoriyamaADV MangaMangaChrono Crusade2004-12-29
Chrono Crusade, Volume 03 Daisuke MoriyamaADV MangaMangaChrono Crusade2004-12-29
Sensual Phrase (Kaiken Phrase), Volume 03 Mayu ShinjoVIZ MediaMangaSensual Phrase2004-12-29
Sensual Phrase (Kaiken Phrase), Volume 05 Mayu ShinjoVIZ MediaMangaSensual Phrase2004-12-29
Sensual Phrase (Kaiken Phrase), Volume 04 Mayu ShinjoVIZ MediaMangaSensual Phrase2004-12-29
Chrono Crusade, Volume 01 Daisuke MoriyamaADV MangaMangaChrono Crusade2004-12-29
Passion, Volume 01 Shinobu Gotoh and Shoko TakakuDigital Manga PublishingManga - Yaoi/Shonen-AiPassion2004-12-29