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650 minutes

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Momiji Fujimiya believes she's just an ordinary Japanese teenager--until she learns that she's actually the hereditary princess Kushinada and her blood is mankind's most powerful weapon against the shape-shifting monsters the Aragami. As the centuries-old war between humanity and the Aragami is heating up, Momiji goes to Tokyo to work with the government agency fighting the monsters. She's joined by the roguish Mamoru Kusanagi: as a child he was kidnapped by a powerful Aragami and given seven souls, or mitama (symbolized by the "Blue Seed" of the title). In battle Kusanagi transforms into a werewolfish version of himself with sword blades in his forearms. He's challenged by the Jim Morrison-esque Murakomo, a servant of the Aragami lords who possesses eight mitama. The plot takes an unsettling turn with the rebirth of the god of darkness, Susano-Oh, whom Murakomo tends with Momiji's twin sister, Kaede--who died in the first episode. The adventures and romance are played against an ecological message that's wrapped in right-wing rhetoric reminiscent of the ultraconservative cabal in Gasaraki: contemporary Japanese culture is damned as "barren," "dead," and "cannibalistic". Although she tends to dither, Momiji never indulges in the whining and tantrums that make many other magical girls so annoying; the dashing Kusanagi assumes the role of protector-lover without losing his outlaw Tlan as Tamahome does in Fushigi Yugi. Unrated; suitable for ages 12 and up: Violence, minor profanity and sexual humor. --Charles Solomon Description The countdown to extinction begins when the evil shape-shifting monsters known as the Aragami make their grand play to gain control of the earth. Humanity's only chance for survival rests on the shoulders of Momiji, a young girl carrying an unborn Aragami in her chest and Kusanagi, a servant of the Aragami rebelling against his masters in order to ensure mankind's survival. Watch the battle for earth's survival unfold in the groundbreaking anime series, Blue Seed!