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One of 1998's most successful anime titles in Japan, KITE is an extremely violent, potent combination of THE PROFESSIONAL and LA FEMME NIKITA from Yasuomi Umetsu, character designer of "MegaZone 23, Pt. 2" and ROBOT CARNIVAL. As a little girl, Sawa's parents were murdered, leaving her an orphan. The detective assigned to her case also became her guardian. At the same time, enraged by her fate, he trained her to become an instrument of justice. As a pretty young college girl, she metes out punishment to those who deserve it. Eventually, though, she must choose between loyalty to a fellow vigilante and the detective who raised her. Since the release of KITE on video, fans have clamoring for this uncut version of the film. Be forewared--though this "adult" version of the film contains shocking and extremely controversial content, it is the definitive version.