Wolf's Rain, Volume 4 - Recollection

Movie 4.00 of the Wolf's Rain series

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100 minutes

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Not Rated




This AnimT fantasy created by Keiko Nobumoto follows a group of sentient wolves who live among humans in a post apocalyptic era. They embark on a quest to locate a legendary paradise on Earth rumored to reveal itself to wolves only. The pack--Kiba, Hige, Toboe, and Tsume--each have their own reasons for the journey, but they find they must band together to reach their goal and to avoid the power-hungry humans who follow them every step of the way. In this volume, wolves recap the series thus far by reflecting on their lives up until this point in their incredible journey. Tsume, for example, remembers how he used to spend so much time on his own and realizes how entrenched he is with this transient group of canines. As the youngest, Toboe, remembers his carefree childhood and now frets over the unknown future. COWBOY BEPOP composer Yoko Kanno wrote the music to this striking and delightfully dark AnimT.