Forever Knight - The Trilogy, Part 1

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The complete first season of the much-maligned supernatural television series Forever Knight makes its DVD debut in a five-disc set that should satiate its devoted fans and intrigue first-time viewers with its well-blended mix of horror and crime detection. The first season outlined the series' essential storyline: Knight wanted to atone for his bloody past and regain his humanity, but was challenged by master vampire Lucien LaCroix (Nigel Bennett). Knight's partner in crime-solving was the smarmy Det. Schanke (John Kapelos), and scientist Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher) aided Knight in his desire to become human and struggled with her attraction to him (which would endanger her in episode 16, "Only the Lonely"). Columbia-TriStar's DVD set compiles all 22 episodes of the first season (note: the series was presented in three different formats--a 40-minute version for American audiences, a 47-minute version for Canadian and Australian viewers, and a European version which contained nudity; the episodes compiled here are the Canadian versions save for the first episode, which has the American network running time).