Mowgli's Brothers/A Very Merry Cricket

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Mowgli's Brothers: Based on Rudyard Kipling's immortal stories from "The Jungle Book," MOWGLI'S BROTHERS is the delightful tale of a small child (Mowgli) who is raised in the jungle by a pair of wolves. Narrated by Roddy McDowall, you'll meet wise old Akela, leader of the wolf pack, Mowgli's friend Baloo the bear, and the evil and vindictive tiger, Shere Khan. Learning about love, justice and the jungle code of loyalty, Mowgli must make the ultimate choice when he challenges the jungle law to save the life of one he loves. Truly a family classic, MOWGLI'S BROTHERS is quality animated entertainment at its best.
A Very Merry Cricket: During the height of the frantic Christmas season, a mouse named Tucket, a cat named Harry, and A VERY MERRY CRICKET named Chester turn New York into a huge wonderland of good cheer and fellowship.