Koi Kaze, Volume 03: The Decision

Movie 3 of the Koi Kaze series

Koi Kaze, Volume 03: The Decision cover



100 minutes

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Not Rated




With a maturity often found lacking in other anime series, KOI KAZE explores a romance outside the normal bounds of social acceptability. Koshiro is a lonely and depressed wedding planner, who meets and falls in love with high school girl Nanoka. But the pair soon discover that they are long-lost siblings, reunited after many years following the death of their mother. Can the two resist their burgeoning love or will they defy cultural norms and embrace it? KOI KAZE: VOLUME THREE features the final four episodes of the series. In these last episodes, Koshiro tries to resist Nanoka by moving out of the house, but she stymies his efforts by tracking down his new apartment to visit him. The pair are forced to make a final decision regarding their relationship.