Ai Yori Aoshi, Volume 3: Hugs and Kisses

Movie 3.00 of the Ai Yori Aoshi series

Ai Yori Aoshi, Volume 3: Hugs and Kisses cover



120 minutes

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Not Rated




Just as Kaoru begins to adjust to hiding his love for Aoi while living with three other girls, a new girl arrives! Mayu Mizuki has been living abroad with her parents, but has returned to enroll in college and pursue her childhood crush on Kaoru - but will Aoi give her the lessons she needs to reach Kaoru's heart?
Meanwhile, Kaoru secretly starts multiple part-time jobs to buy a special gift for Aoi, but Aoi suspects Kaoru is avoiding her. Will their love be able to withstand the pressure of doubt and new distractions?