My-HiME, Volume 4

Movie 4 of the My-Hime series

My-HiME, Volume 4 cover



100 minutes

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# of Episodes

MPAA Rating

Not Rated




Fuka Academy is abuzz with romance as the Tamayura Festival approaches and even Mai has a date for the festival with Reito. But the mood is ruined when the bridge in the bay suddenly explodes. The next day, armed soldiers of the mysterious Searrs Foundation take over the school looking for the HiME. The entire school is held hostage as Alyssa's Child, Artemis, orbits abouve threatening to destroy Fuka Academy and kill all the students. All the HiME will have to team up if they're going to rescue everyone and defeat Alyssa and Miyu, an android built specially to neutralize HiME.