Nazca, Volume 1: Blades of Fate

Movie 1.00 of the Nazca series

Nazca, Volume 1: Blades of Fate cover


75 minutes

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Not Rated




Can a past life affect the future? Kyoji, the only member of a small Kendo club has his world turned upside down! Sudden visions of past life events during the age of the Incas revive ancient rivalries and ambitions, clouding modern day relationships and turning friends into deadly enemies! Kyoji's former mentor, Tate fully accepts his past life as Yawaru, an Inca warrior, and has adopted his old ambition to cleanse the world of its weaker elements. However, he also remembers it was the betrayal of Biruka, Kyoji's past life, that thwarted his original attempt! Does the past really play an important role in the future? Nazca is a story of past lives and present conflicts. A story of friendships shattered and reformed by events that happened hundreds of years ago during the days of the Incas!