Key the Metal Idol, Volume 3: Singing

Movie 3.00 of the Key the Metal Idol series

Key the Metal Idol, Volume 3: Singing cover



180 minutes

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Not Rated




The robot development project that has stalked Key ever since she came to Tokyo actually has roots deep in her past -- roots reaching back two generations in her family, with a discovery made by Key's "grandfather", and exploited by his business associate Ajo. The same Ajo used the discovery to link Miho's music to his own dreams of the perfect artificial being. But understanding the past doesn't help Key and her friends avoid the deadly danger now presented by Ajo and his project -- danger threatening both Key's closest friends, and every member of the audience at a climactic Miho concert. As Key's awakening as a human teeters on the brink, it's finally time for everyone to hear her song.