27 Movies Published by Sony

Title StudioGenres(s)SeriesAcquired
Blood+, Part One SonyAnime & HentaiBlood+2008-06-19
Blood+, Part Two SonyAnime & HentaiBlood+2013-12-24
Boa vs. Python SonyScience Fiction & Fantasy2008-06-19
Dilbert: The Complete Series SonyTV Series2009-11-26
Forever Knight - The Trilogy, Part 1 SonyTV SeriesForever Knight2006-01-06
Forever Knight - The Trilogy, Part 2 SonyTV SeriesForever Knight2005-12-28
Forever Knight - The Trilogy, Part 3 SonyTV SeriesForever Knight2007-02-09
Ghost Rider SonyScience Fiction & Fantasy2009-02-21
Ghostbusters 2 SonyScience Fiction & Fantasy2007-06-08
Karate Kid, The (SE) SonyDrama/Suspense/Thriller2008-03-02
La Bamba SonyDrama/Suspense/Thriller2007-06-08
Lassie - 50th Anniversary TV Collection SonyTV SeriesLassie2004-12-21
Lassie: Lassie's Birthday Surprise SonyTV SeriesLassie2003-12-25
Lassie: Lassie's Christmas Stories SonyTV SeriesLassie2004-01-31
Legends of the Fall SonyDrama/Suspense/Thriller2006-01-07
Not One Less SonyDrama/Suspense/Thriller2006-06-14
Punky Brewster - Season 1 SonyTV SeriesPunky Brewster2005-01-01
Punky Brewster - Season 2 SonyTV SeriesPunky Brewster2005-02-17
Punky Brewster - Season 3 SonyTV SeriesPunky Brewster2006-10-28
Resident Evil (Deluxe Edition) SonyScience Fiction & FantasyResident Evil2008-12-30
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Special Edition) SonyScience Fiction & FantasyResident Evil2008-12-30
Resident Evil: Degeneration SonyScience Fiction & Fantasy2009-11-26
Stuart Little (Deluxe Edition) SonyComedy & Family2008-03-02
Stuart Little 2 (SE) SonyComedy & Family2008-03-02
The Road Home SonyDrama/Suspense/Thriller2006-01-13
The Young Riders - The Complete First Season SonyTV SeriesThe Young Riders2006-06-14
Ultraviolet: Unrated Extended Edition SonyScience Fiction & Fantasy2009-02-21