46 Movies Acquired in 2003

Title StudioGenres(s)SeriesAcquired
Merlin HallmarkScience Fiction & Fantasy2003-04-05
10th Kingdom, The Artisan EntertainmentScience Fiction & Fantasy2003-04-05
Animal Farm (1999) HallmarkAnimals2003-04-05
Beauty and the Beast (Platinum Edition) Walt DisneyAnimation2003-04-05
Deep Blue Sea (1999) Warner StudiosScience Fiction & Fantasy2003-04-05
Dinosaur (2000) Walt DisneyAnimals2003-04-05
Ghostbusters Columbia Tri-StarScience Fiction & Fantasy2003-04-05
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Walt DisneyAnimation2003-04-05
Ladyhawke Warner StudiosScience Fiction & Fantasy2003-04-05
Monster's Ball VidmarkDrama/Suspense/Thriller2003-04-05
True Romance - Unrated Director's Cut Warner StudiosAction/Adventure2003-04-05
Willow Science Fiction & Fantasy2003-04-05
Wrath of the Ninja: The Yotoden Movie CPM/US Manga CorpsAnime & Hentai2003-04-05
Perfect Blue Manga EntertainmentAnime & Hentai2003-04-05
Blue Seed - Perfect Collection ADVAnime & Hentai2003-04-05
Demon City Shinjuku (1993) CPM/US Manga CorpsAnime & Hentai2003-04-05
Collateral Damage (2002) Warner StudiosAction/Adventure2003-04-05
New Angel SoftCelAnime & HentaiNew Angel2003-04-05
The Little Fox Celebrity Home VideoAnimation2003-04-05
The Return of Rin Tin Tin Animals2003-04-05
The Incredible Journey Animals2003-04-05
The Sun Comes Up AnimalsLassie2003-04-05
Hills of Home MGM/MCA/Universal StudiosAnimalsLassie2003-04-05
Challenge to Lassie AnimalsLassie2003-04-05
Lassie - The Great Adventure Good Times Home VideoTV SeriesLassie2003-04-05
Homicide - The Movie Lions Gate/FHETV SeriesHomicide: Life on the Street2003-04-08
Homicide Life on the Street: Subway VidmarkTV SeriesHomicide: Life on the Street2003-04-08
Thelma & Louise Drama/Suspense/Thriller2003-05-02
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Comedy & Family2003-05-02
Kavik the Wolf Dog Animals2003-05-02
Bats Columbia Tri-StarScience Fiction & Fantasy2003-06-07
Python II Science Fiction & Fantasy2003-06-14
Savage Sam Walt DisneyAnimals2003-06-30
Zeus and Roxanne HBOAnimals2003-08-09
Long Walk Home, The Platinum DiscDrama/Suspense/Thriller2003-08-09
Cat's Eye Turner Home VideoScience Fiction & Fantasy2003-09-26
Leon: The Professional Columbia Tri-StarDrama/Suspense/Thriller2003-09-26
Sailor Moon: Season One Uncut ADVAnime & HentaiSailor Moon2003-10-23
Sailor Moon: Season Two Uncut ADVAnime & HentaiSailor Moon2003-10-23
Men of Honor FoxDrama/Suspense/Thriller2003-11-03
Angel Sanctuary CPM/US Manga CorpsAnime & Hentai2003-11-08
Terminator, The (Special Edition) MGM/MCA/Universal StudiosScience Fiction & Fantasy2003-11-08
Last Boy Scout, The Warner StudiosAction/Adventure2003-11-14
Jaws (25th Anniversary Full-Screen Collector's Edition) MGM/MCA/Universal StudiosAction/AdventureJaws2003-11-14
Titan A.E. Animation2003-12-03
Lassie: Lassie's Birthday Surprise SonyTV SeriesLassie2003-12-25