46 Movies Acquired in 2004

Title StudioGenres(s)SeriesAcquired
Color Purple, The (Two-Disc Special Edition) Warner StudiosDrama/Suspense/Thriller2004-01-03
Lion King, The (Disney Special Platinum Edition) Walt DisneyAnimation2004-01-07
Road to Perdition MGM/MCA/Universal StudiosDrama/Suspense/Thriller2004-01-07
Ceres, Celestial Legend, Volume 2: Ascension Viz MediaAnime & HentaiCeres Celestial Legend2004-01-12
Lassie: Lassie's Christmas Stories SonyTV SeriesLassie2004-01-31
Oliver & Company Walt DisneyAnimation2004-01-31
Dirty Dancing (Ultimate Edition) Artisan EntertainmentComedy & Family2004-02-09
Ceres, Celestial Legend, Volume 1: Reincarnation Viz MediaAnime & HentaiCeres Celestial Legend2004-02-21
Princess Mononoke Walt DisneyAnime & Hentai2004-04-13
Pretty Woman (10th Anniversary Edition) Touchstone VideoDrama/Suspense/Thriller2004-04-13
What Dreams May Come MGM/MCA/Universal StudiosDrama/Suspense/Thriller2004-04-13
Jungle Book Front Row Video, IncAction/Adventure2004-04-17
Arjuna - The Complete Collection BandaiAnime & Hentai2004-04-30
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Extreme Edition) Artisan EntertainmentScience Fiction & Fantasy2004-05-08
Sixth Sense, The Walt DisneyDrama/Suspense/Thriller2004-05-08
Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves Warner StudiosAction/Adventure2004-05-21
Sailor Moon - The Movies Dream Boxed Set Geneon/PioneerAnime & HentaiSailor Moon2004-06-23
Fried Green Tomatoes: Collector's Edition MGM/MCA/Universal StudiosComedy & Family2004-06-29
Deep Impact ParamountDrama/Suspense/Thriller2004-06-29
Python Twentieth Century FoxScience Fiction & Fantasy2004-06-29
Volcano Twentieth Century FoxAction/Adventure2004-06-29
Wolf's Rain, Volume 1 - Leader of the Pack LE Box BandaiAnime & HentaiWolf's Rain2004-07-04
Sailor Moon S - The Complete Uncut TV Set Geneon/PioneerAnime & HentaiSailor Moon2004-07-06
Sailor Moon Super S - Collection Geneon/PioneerAnime & HentaiSailor Moon2004-08-03
Last Unicorn, The Lions Gate/FHEAnimation2004-08-10
Bear, The Animals2004-08-14
X-Men Collection FoxScience Fiction & FantasyX-Men2004-09-07
Chrono Crusade, Volume 1 - A Plague of Demons w/ Box ADVAnime & HentaiChrono Crusade2004-10-18
Silent Mobius, Volume 3 - Dark Destiny BandaiAnime & HentaiSilent Mobius2004-10-18
Wolf's Rain, Volume 2 - Blood and Flowers BandaiAnime & HentaiWolf's Rain2004-10-18
Kite Uncut Kitty MediaAnime & Hentai2004-10-28
Wolf's Rain, Volume 3 - Loss BandaiAnime & HentaiWolf's Rain2004-10-28
Silent Mobius, Volume 2 - Twists of Fate BandaiAnime & HentaiSilent Mobius2004-10-28
Silent Mobius, Volume 1 - Earth Under Attack BandaiAnime & HentaiSilent Mobius2004-10-28
D.N. Angel, Volume 1 - The Dawn of Dark w/ Box ADVAnime & HentaiD.N. Angel2004-11-15
Chrono Crusade, Volume 2 - Holy War ADVAnime & HentaiChrono Crusade2004-11-18
Escaflowne - The Perfect Collection BandaiAnime & HentaiEscaflowne2004-11-18
Black Beauty Warner StudiosAnimals2004-12-03
Far From Home - The Adventures Of Yellow Dog FoxAnimals2004-12-03
Lassie Come Home Warner StudiosAnimalsLassie2004-12-16
D.N. Angel, Volume 2 - Double Helix ADVAnime & HentaiD.N. Angel2004-12-21
Wolf's Rain, Volume 4 - Recollection BandaiAnime & HentaiWolf's Rain2004-12-21
Courage of Lassie Warner StudiosAnimalsLassie2004-12-21
Son of Lassie Warner StudiosAnimalsLassie2004-12-21
Lassie - 50th Anniversary TV Collection SonyTV SeriesLassie2004-12-21
Pump up the Volume New LineDrama/Suspense/Thriller2004-12-22