Hershey, AKA Hershey Kiss (1997-2012)

Age at Passing

14 years old


Chihuahua/Rat Terrier

Est. Birth Date

February 14, 1997

Date of Passing

January 5, 2012

Original Adoption Date

March 1997

Date I Adopted

August 2002

Hershey was a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix that my mom first purchased in 1997 for herself, having long wanted a little dog companion. I helped her raise Hershey from puppyhood into a young dog. When I moved to Texas in 2001, my mom followed and brought Hershey with her. In August 2002, mom moved back to North Carolina, leaving Hershey behind because of how much the original trip had strained her, so she became my dog.

She was a character who thought she was a big dog but loved the joys of being a spoiled little dog too, like lots of lap time and having a small circle bed. She knew many commands, but only did them if she felt like them or there was a treat involved. With her small size, she wasn't much for fetching, but she loved playing the chase/run game and was delightfully obsessed with her rope bone.

Late in her fourteenth year of life, she began suffering from kidney failure, which caused her weight to drop drastically and resulted in her having increasingly frequent episodes of dementia. This made her forget her house training and even, at times, seem to forget who the people around her were. .

A month before her fifteenth birthday, with her condition worsening, I made the painful decision to have her euthanized, before her condition got to the point where she forgot her family and loved ones completely. My sweetie and I were there with her, and I held her close until she was gone.

Her body was cremated and is now housed in a wood urn.

Some Hershey Pics

Hershey in Her Basket Hershey Sleeping Hershey in a Blanket Hershey in the Kitchen Hershey With Bone Hershey Sleeping Hershey on Blankie Hershey Squinting Sleeping Hershey Hershey in Bed - Attempt 2 Hershey Stretching Check Out These Claws Cat Hershey Working Her Bone Hershey in Her New Sweater Hershey With Shorter Nails Snuggling With Hershey Blurry Hershey and Fusion Hershey Under Desk Hershey 10th Birthday Demon Dog! Hershey and Bone Day In the Life 14 - Dogs to the Kennels Day In the Life 62 - Let's Play Day In the Life 66 - Let Us In Day In the Life 76 - I See You Strange Hershey Skritchy Hershey Hershey Eating Ice Cream Blue and Hershey Hershey in the Yard