4 years old


Smooth Collie

Est. Birth Date

October 11, 2019


76 lbs

Adoption Date

November 20, 2022


~26 inches

Kumo was taken in by Houston Collie Rescue from a horrendous hoarding situation in Illinois with a woman who had nearly 200 collies, rough and smooth, in her possession. I have so many words to say about her, especially as she debarked him as well...! After Yuki's passing, I hadn't planned on adopting another dog until 2023, to let my finances settle, but when I saw Kumo (at the time called Arrow), it was love at first sight. With my psychiatrist's encouragement about my need for a dog in my life, I put in an application to adopt him. I had to rebuild my fence before I could be approved, something I had to do on my own as I ended up going through a breakup at the same time, but I got it done and headed to Austin to pick him up.

I named him Kumo, which means "Cloud" in Japanese, and he is the sweetest, gentlest boi. He loves pet pets and takes treats so gently you have to pay attention to make sure you let it go so he can take it! When he first came home, he was calm, but clearly nervous. Smudge, of course, smacked him and he didn't bat an eye, just gently sniffed at her (he still lets her smack him whenever she wants). It took him awhile to start to come out of his shell and show more of his personality, but soon enough he was playing ball in the yard and learning to enjoy dog beds.

His house manners were amazing, especially considering where he came from, and he earned free-roam rights within a few weeks and was sleeping in my bedroom as soon as he was comfortable doing so. I found he loved playing ball in the yard and was scared of walking on a leash. Eight months after his adoption, he started learning to play in the house, picking up toys and tossing them in the air! He had his first grooming session and was ever patient and accepting of the whole thing. I think he rather liked the bath part actually LOL

He needs training at some point, as he knows no commands though has learned his name and is learning to come when called. But still, I look forward to seeing more of his personality as he continues settling in and learning that it's okay to be himself! Oh, almost forgot, he has one blue eye, one brown! So cute!

Kumo Pics

Kumo Kumo Kumo