Shasta (1992-2005)

Age at Passing

13 years old


Border Collie/Lab mix

Est. Birth Date

August 04, 1992

Date of Passing

Monday, November 28, 2005

Date I Adopted

March 04, 2001

Shasta was a border collie lab mix I adopted from a friend who had originally adopted her from Texas A&M's vet school. At first she was very timid around loud noises and had a few interesting quirks from being a lab pet. Though she was a lab mix, she was on the small side, weighing less than 30 lbs. She didn't like water, toys, or any of the other things either breed normally would.

Still, she was the sweetest girl who was quietly affectionate. She was also very "chill", as one friend of mine who, at time, wasn't a big dog person would say. She didn't demand attention, but happily accepted it. And while she often seemed a bit airheaded, she had her moments, including one time when a migraine knocked me to the ground. She came up beside me, shoved herself under me, and helped me crawl to the sofa! And if I cried, she was there with a warm furry shoulder to cry on.

She and Fusion were also quite close and would often sleep side by side. Fusion liked to play with her fluffy tail, a practice that would just make Shasta grin and wag it more. People often caution against adopting seniors, but we had a good four and a half years together and I wouldn't give it up for the world.

When she was approximately thirteen years old, I had to have her put to sleep two days after Thanksgiving as she was suffering from congestive heart failure and no longer able to enjoy her life. I was there with her the whole time and held her as she passed on. I had her body cremated and her ashes rest in a beautiful custom made urn in my living room.

Some Shasta Pics

Fire Safety Shasta With Her New Bed Shasta Clipped Shasta on the Porch Bad Girl Shasta Grinning Shasta in the Car Shasta With Bows Shasta's Urn Hershey and Shasta Paws New Shelf With More Stuff Urns on the Wall