Yuki (2008-2022)

Age at Passing



Border Collie / Cattle Dog Mix

Est. Birth Date

July 18, 2008

Date of Passing

October 12, 2022

Adoption Date

October 18, 2008

I adopted Yuki from S.A.F.E. House Rescue and Adoption in Spring, Texas. She looked so much like Blue they could almost be sisters, except she has a leaner build, thinner coat, and a long fluffy tail. The adoption agency had her labeled as a 6-month-old German shepherd mix, but she turned out to sickly 3 month old border mix.

She was a happy, energetic girl who loved to run. Though she sometimes forget herself, she was mostly very obedient, loyal, and affectionate. Like many Borders, Yuki was very OCD about her routines and had an intense focus on her human (i.e. me). No matter the time, how comfortable she was, or how deeply she appeared to be sleeping, if I even acted like I was going to stand up, she would jump to her feet, ready to follow.

She get along well with the other girls, though she was a little jealous-natured and would try to interfere if the others were being played with. When no one was looking, she would steal their toys and beds and drag them into a pile. LOL.

She was my beautiful baby girl, full of love and life, until the last few years of her life with her knees started acting up and she had to slow down. Still, she tried her bed to hold on, but on October 11th, her body couldn't hold on anymore and she suffered a likely seizure that she never recovered from. By the time my vet's office was open the next morning after an all night vigil, I knew our goodbye had come. I was devestated, but I try to think of her over the rainbow bridge, finally able to run again.

Some Yuki Pics

Yuki - taken by SAFE Yuki sitting - taken by SAFE Me and Yuki - taken by SAFE Yuki Sleeping Yuki Kennel Row Yuki on Bean Bag 1 Yuki on Bean Bag 2 Dead Squeaky Twin Stares Bored Yuki Yuki - 5 and a half months Matched Pair Yuki Level Yuki in Halter Yuki's Weird Sleeping Yuki in a Hat Border Duo Lobby's Visit - Meeting My Big Girls Yuki with New Ball Yuki's Skin Problem Grinning Yuki Yuki With Ball Yuki With Ball Mohawk Ball Yuki Upside Down Yuki Laying Down Silly Yuki Yuki 1 Yuki and Me 2 - Water Break