36 Video Games Categorized as Psychological Horror

Title PlatformPublisherSeriesAcquired
A Girls Fabric Face PC: SteamTurnVex2023-03-21
Alan Wake Collector's Edition PC: SteamRemedy Entertainment2020-10-23
Alan Wake's American Nightmare PC: SteamRemedy Entertainment2020-10-23
Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition PC: Epic GamesKrillbite Studio2021-10-26
At Dead Of Night PC: SteamBaggy Cat Limited2022-10-18
Bad Dream: Coma PC: SteamUltimate Games SABad Dream2017-11-13
Beside Myself PC: SteamAsk Games2022-10-18
Beyond: Two Souls Sony PS3Sony2014-04-09
ColdSide PC: SteamAdroVGames2023-03-21
CUPID PC: SteamAfterthought Studios2018-02-20
Devotion PCRed Candle Games2020-10-28
Doki Doki Literature Club PC: SteamTeam Salvato2018-02-17
Father's Day PC: SteamEmika Games2023-03-07
Find Yourself PC: SteamEmika Games2022-08-19
Fran Bow PC: GOG.comKillmonday Games AB2020-06-07
God's Basement PC: SteamErebus2023-03-07
I'm on Observation Duty 4 PC: SteamNotoviaI'm on Observation Duty2022-05-27
If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers PC: SteamDead Idle Games2021-09-23
In Sound Mind PC: SteamModus Games2022-12-09
Layers of Fear 2 PC: SteamGun Media2020-10-23
Locked Up PC: SteamEmika Games2022-08-19
Lorelai PC: SteamScreen 7Devil Came Through Here2020-10-15
Mirror Forge PC: SteamDreadXP2022-12-06
Partum Artifex PC: SteamDalaKoala Games2023-02-26
Please Wake Up PC: SteamCLU Entertainment2021-02-01
PRICE PC: SteamYetu Game2018-01-17
September 7th PC: SteamEmika Games2023-02-16
Serena PC: SteamSenscape2017-11-24
Silent Nights PC: SteamJustTomcuk2023-03-27
Summer of '58 PC: SteamEmika Games2022-08-19
The Cat Lady PC: SteamScreen 7Devil Came Through Here2020-07-19
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Sony PS4Bandai NamcoThe Dark Pictures Anthology2022-07-17
Traum PC: SteamRuskatuli2018-03-26
Uninvited Guest PC: SteamAdroVGames2023-02-16
Visage PC: SteamSadSquare Studio2023-03-24
Who Knocks PC: SteamDoesn't Matter Games2023-07-04