80 PC: Steam Video Games

Title PublisherGenres(s)SeriesAcquired
Age of Empires II: HD Edition Microsoft StudiosMultiplayer (Online) and StrategyAge Of Empires2015-11-06
Age of Empires III: Complete Collection Microsoft StudiosMultiplayer (Online) and StrategyAge Of Empires2015-11-06
Alan Wake Collector's Edition Remedy EntertainmentAction, Adventure, and Psychological Horror2020-10-23
Alan Wake's American Nightmare Remedy EntertainmentAction, Adventure, and Psychological Horror2020-10-23
Among Us InnerslothArcade & Casual and Multiplayer (Online)2020-10-02
Bad Dream: Coma Ultimate Games SAPoint & Click and Psychological HorrorBad Dream2017-11-13
Bad Dream: Fever Ultimate Games SAAdventure and Point & ClickBad Dream2020-06-07
Cinderella Phenomenon DicesukiOtome and Visual Novel2018-02-17
Cinders MoaCubeAdventure and RPG2020-07-02
CUPID Afterthought StudiosPsychological Horror and Visual Novel2018-02-20
Cursed Sight InvertMouseVisual Novel2018-12-26
Dead by Daylight Behaviour InteractiveMultiplayer (Online) and Survival Horror & Horror2020-11-03
Doki Doki Literature Club Team SalvatoPsychological Horror and Visual Novel2018-02-17
Doom BethesdaAction and First-Person ShooterDoom2020-12-24
Doom 3: BFG Edition BethesdaFirst-Person Shooter and Survival Horror & HorrorDoom2020-11-28
Doom 64 BethesdaFirst-Person ShooterDoom2020-11-28
Doom II: Hell on Earth id SoftwareFirst-Person ShooterDoom2020-11-28
Duck Game Adult Swim GamesAction, Arcade & Casual, and Multiplayer (Online)2020-12-04
Eastshade Eastshade StudiosAdventure and Exploration2019-02-13
Epistory - Typing Chronicles Fishing CactusAdventure and Exploration2017-11-25
Evoland Legendary Edition Shiro GamesRPG2020-09-06
Felix the Reaper Daedalic EntertainmentAdventure and Puzzle2020-07-04
FETCH Big Fish GamesAdventure and Point & Click2017-11-24
Final Doom id SoftwareFirst-Person ShooterDoom2020-11-28
Firewatch Campo StudioAdventure and Mystery2019-03-27
Gang Beasts Double FineFighting and Multiplayer (Online)2020-08-09
Gone Home FullbrightMystery and Walking Simulator2018-12-26
Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Square EnixPuzzle and Strategy2020-11-28
House Flipper Frozen DistrictSim (any kind)2020-12-24
Killer Queen Black Liquid BitAction, Arcade & Casual, Multiplayer (Online), and Strategy2021-01-15
Lara Croft Go Square EnixAdventure2020-07-02
Last Day of June 505 GamesAdventure2020-06-07
Layers of Fear 2 Gun MediaAdventure and Psychological Horror2020-10-23
Life is Strange: Episode 1 Square EnixAdventure2018-02-15
Limbo PlaydeadPlatformer and Puzzle2016-12-24
Long Live the Queen Hanako GamesVisual Novel2018-03-05
Lorelai Screen 7Adventure and Psychological HorrorDevil Came Through Here2020-10-15
Marie's Room Like CharlieWalking Simulator2018-12-25
Master Levels for Doom II id SoftwareFirst-Person ShooterDoom2020-11-28
Mirror's Edge Electronic ArtsAction, Adventure, and Platformer2020-06-07
Moebius: Empire Rising Phoenix OnlineAdventure, Point & Click, and Puzzle2017-12-23
Night Call Raw FuryAdventure, Sim (any kind), and Visual Novel2020-03-01
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Xbox Game StudiosAction and PlatformerOri2020-03-11
Phasmophobia Kinetic GamesMultiplayer (Online) and Survival Horror & Horror2020-11-06
Plague Inc: Evolved Ndemic CreationsMultiplayer (Online), Sim (any kind), and Strategy2017-05-16
Planet Coaster Frontier DevelopmentsSim (any kind)2018-01-30
Plasticity Plasticity GamesPlatformer and Puzzle2020-03-20
Please Wake Up CLU EntertainmentPsychological Horror2021-02-01
Portal ValvePuzzle2016-12-22
Portal 2 ValveMultiplayer (Local), Multiplayer (Online), Platformer, and Puzzle2016-12-24
PRICE Yetu GamePsychological Horror and Puzzle2018-01-17
Psychonauts Double FineAction, Adventure, and Platformer2020-10-28
Resident Evil 2 CapcomSurvival Horror & HorrorResident Evil2021-02-04
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard CapcomSurvival Horror & HorrorResident Evil2021-04-14
Rusty Lake Hotel Rusty LakePoint & Click, Puzzle, and Thriller2018-04-23
Scrap Garden FlazmPlatformer and Puzzle2020-09-25
Serena SenscapePoint & Click and Psychological Horror2017-11-24
Shining Resonance Refrain Sega of AmericaRPG2021-02-28
SpeedRunners tinyBuildMultiplayer (Local), Multiplayer (Online), and Racing2020-11-28
Spirit Hunter: Death Mark Aksys GamesSurvival Horror & Horror and Visual Novel2021-03-16
Stardew Valley ConcernedApeOpen-ended, RPG, and Sim (any kind)2021-03-27
Streets Of Kamurocho Sega of AmericaAction, Arcade & Casual, and Multiplayer (Local)2020-10-18
The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines The Quantum Astrophysicists GuildAction, Adventure, and RPG2021-03-27
The Book of Unwritten Tales THQ NordicAdventure and Point & Click2018-02-15
The Cat Lady Screen 7Psychological HorrorDevil Came Through Here2020-07-19
The Confines of the Crown Hanako GamesVisual Novel2020-03-17
The First Tree David WehleWalking Simulator2018-12-26
The Letter Yangyang MobileSurvival Horror & Horror and Visual Novel2020-10-28
The Wolf Among Us Telltale GamesAdventure, Mystery, and Point & Click2018-02-05
Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition Digerati DistributionVisual Novel2018-12-26
Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers Black Pants StudioPlatformer2020-07-02
Traum RuskatuliPoint & Click, Psychological Horror, and Walking Simulator2018-03-26
Ultimate Chicken Horse Clever Endeavour GamesMultiplayer (Online) and Platformer2021-03-27
Ultimate Doom id SoftwareFirst-Person ShooterDoom2020-11-28
Virtual Pool 4 CelerisMultiplayer (Online) and Sports2018-07-21
What Never Was Acke HallgrenExploration and Puzzle2020-04-04
Wolfenstein: The New Order BethesdaAction, Adventure, and First-Person Shooter2020-09-06
Ys Origin XSeed GamesRPGYs2020-07-02
Ys: The Oath in Felghana XSeed GamesAction and RPGYs2020-12-24
Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Spike Chunsoft CoAdventure, Puzzle, and Visual Novel2020-12-24