74 Video Games Acquired in 2020

Title PlatformPublisherGenres(s)SeriesAcquired
Goat Simulator Sony PS4Coffee Stain StudiosAction2020-02-01
BioShock: The Collection Sony PS4Take-Two InteractiveFirst-Person ShooterBioshock2020-02-04
The Yakuza Remastered Collection Sony PS4Sega of AmericaAction and AdventureYakuza2020-02-19
Night Call PC: SteamRaw FuryAdventure, Simulation, and Visual Novel2020-03-01
Shadow of the Colossus Sony PS4SonyAction and Adventure2020-03-05
Sonic Forces: Digital Standard Edition Sony PS4Sega of AmericaPlatformer2020-03-05
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition PC: SteamXbox Game StudiosAction and PlatformerOri2020-03-11
Mutazione PC: Epic GamesAkupara GamesAdventure2020-03-12
A Short Hike PC: Epic GamesAdam Robinson-YuExploration and Platformer2020-03-12
The Confines of the Crown PC: SteamHanako GamesVisual Novel2020-03-17
Plasticity PC: SteamPlasticity GamesPlatformer and Puzzle2020-03-20
What Never Was PC: SteamAcke HallgrenExploration and Puzzle2020-04-04
Final Fantasy VII Remake Sony PS4Square EnixRPGFinal Fantasy2020-04-10
Journey Sony PS4Annapurna InteractiveAdventure2020-04-16
Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Sony PS4Bandai NamcoArcade & Casual2020-04-24
Resident Evil: HD Remaster Sony PS4CapcomSurvival Horror & HorrorResident Evil2020-04-24
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Sony PS4Square EnixAction and AdventureTomb Raider2020-04-24
Child of Light PC: UPlayUbisoftRPG2020-05-01
Little Nightmares Complete Edition Sony PS4Bandai NamcoAdventure2020-05-13
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Sony PS4Mad Dog GamesAction and Adventure2020-05-13
Sid Meier's Civilization VI PC: Epic GamesTake-Two InteractiveStrategyCivilization2020-05-21
Call of Duty: WWII Sony PS4ActivisionFirst-Person ShooterCall of Duty2020-06-07
Fran Bow PC: GOG.comKillmonday Games ABAdventure and Psychological Horror2020-06-07
Conquest of the New World Deluxe Edition PC: GOG.comInterplayStrategy2020-06-07
Bad Dream: Fever PC: SteamUltimate Games SAAdventure and Point & ClickBad Dream2020-06-07
Last Day of June PC: Steam505 GamesAdventure2020-06-07
Mirror's Edge PC: SteamElectronic ArtsAction, Adventure, and Platformer2020-06-07
Unravel Sony PS4Electronic ArtsPlatformer and PuzzleUnravel2020-06-12
Golf With Your Friends Sony PS4Team17Sports2020-06-12
The Last of Us Part II Sony PS4SonyAction, Adventure, and Survival Horror & HorrorThe Last of Us2020-06-18
Cinders PC: SteamMoaCubeAdventure and RPG2020-07-02
Lara Croft Go PC: SteamSquare EnixAdventure2020-07-02
Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers PC: SteamBlack Pants StudioPlatformer2020-07-02
Ys Origin PC: SteamXSeed GamesRPGYs2020-07-02
Felix the Reaper PC: SteamDaedalic EntertainmentAdventure and Puzzle2020-07-04
Doom 64 Sony PS4BethesdaFirst-Person ShooterDoom2020-07-06
Erica Sony PS4SonyAdventure and Thriller2020-07-07
The Cat Lady PC: SteamScreen 7Psychological HorrorDevil Came Through Here2020-07-19
Trackmania PC: Epic GamesUbisoftArcade & Casual2020-07-22
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered Sony PS4ActivisionFirst-Person ShooterCall of Duty2020-07-28
3 out of 10, EP 1: "Welcome To Shovelworks" PC: Epic GamesTerrible Posture GamesAdventure and Exploration2020-08-07
Wilmot's Warehouse PC: Epic GamesFinjiPuzzle2020-08-07
Prey Sony PS4BethesdaAction, Adventure, First-Person Shooter, and Survival Horror & Horror2020-08-07
Gang Beasts PC: SteamDouble FineFighting and Multiplayer (Online)2020-08-09
Hitman PC: Epic GamesIO InteractiveAction2020-08-28
Wolfenstein: The New Order PC: SteamBethesdaAction, Adventure, and First-Person Shooter2020-09-06
Evoland Legendary Edition PC: SteamShiro GamesRPG2020-09-06
Watch Dogs 2 PC: Epic GamesUbisoftAction and Adventure2020-09-23
Scrap Garden PC: SteamFlazmPlatformer and Puzzle2020-09-25
Rocket League Sony PS4PsyonixFree-to-Play, Racing, and Sports2020-09-25
Among Us PC: SteamInnerslothArcade & Casual and Multiplayer (Online)2020-10-02
Pikuniku PC: Epic GamesDevolver DigitalExploration and Puzzle2020-10-06
Closers PC: SteamEn Masse EntertainmentAction, Free-to-Play, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), Multiplayer (Online), and RPG2020-10-06
Genshin Impact Sony PS4miHoYoAction, Adventure, and RPG2020-10-13
Lorelai PC: SteamScreen 7Adventure and Psychological HorrorDevil Came Through Here2020-10-15
Streets Of Kamurocho PC: SteamSega of AmericaAction, Arcade & Casual, and Multiplayer (Local)2020-10-18
Alan Wake Collector's Edition PC: SteamRemedy EntertainmentAction, Adventure, and Psychological Horror2020-10-23
Alan Wake's American Nightmare PC: SteamRemedy EntertainmentAction, Adventure, and Psychological Horror2020-10-23
Layers of Fear 2 PC: SteamGun MediaAdventure and Psychological Horror2020-10-23
The Letter PC: SteamYangyang MobileSurvival Horror & Horror and Visual Novel2020-10-28
Psychonauts PC: SteamDouble FineAction, Adventure, and Platformer2020-10-28
Devotion PCRed Candle GamesPsychological Horror2020-10-28
Dead by Daylight PC: SteamBehaviour InteractiveMultiplayer (Online) and Survival Horror & Horror2020-11-03
Phasmophobia PC: SteamKinetic GamesMultiplayer (Online) and Survival Horror & Horror2020-11-06
The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia PC: Epic GamesHeadupAction and Survival Horror & Horror2020-11-13
Hollow Knight Voidheart Edition Sony PS4Team CherryAction and Adventure2020-11-15
Doom 64 PC: SteamBethesdaFirst-Person ShooterDoom2020-11-28
Hitman GO: Definitive Edition PC: SteamSquare EnixPuzzle and Strategy2020-11-28
SpeedRunners PC: SteamtinyBuildMultiplayer (Local), Multiplayer (Online), and Racing2020-11-28
Doom II: Hell on Earth PC: Steamid SoftwareFirst-Person ShooterDoom2020-11-28
Final Doom PC: Steamid SoftwareFirst-Person ShooterDoom2020-11-28
Master Levels for Doom II PC: Steamid SoftwareFirst-Person ShooterDoom2020-11-28
Ultimate Doom PC: Steamid SoftwareFirst-Person ShooterDoom2020-11-28
Doom 3: BFG Edition PC: SteamBethesdaFirst-Person Shooter and Survival Horror & HorrorDoom2020-11-28